Metal Roof Solution

We Have a Much Better Roofing Solution for the Problems Associated with Metal Roofs

Commercial Coating Pros built our company from the ground up with refurbishing low-slope metal roofing systems. Years ago acrylic based elastomeric was a more popular choice for customers simply because it was less expensive and turned their roof nice and white.

What we have learned with years of experience in specializing in commercial and industrial roof coating is that acrylic and other urethane based elastomerics are not a recommended waterproofing option for our customers. Acrylic based elastomeric, for example, is water based and will break down from UV and the wet, humid air in wetter climates such as Florida. Eventually this will lead to a catastrophic failure on any sloped metal roofing system. Urethane based elastomerics suffer similar chemical issues and eventual failures.

In 2005, Commercial Coating Pros transitioned over to using only a high-solids, industrial grade silicone elastomeric from leading manufacturers for all sloped metal roof applications. We have had 100% success ever since for every customer!

Our Metal Roof Application process is simple.

Our process step-by-step metal roof application:

  • We power wash the roof and clean any oils, dirt and debris.
  • We make any necessary metal flashing repairs, metal panel repairs or replacement as well as any ridge penetration repairs to ensure the roof system is solid and watertight.
  • We individually seal with a proprietary silicone sealant, every screw on the roof deck as well as every vertical or horizontal seam lap, flashing and penetration detail for additional waterproofing.
  • We use spray polyurethane foam around ridge vents or other penetrations as necessary for additional waterproofing.
  • We use a commercial grade, two-part epoxy primer for additional adhesion on the entire roof system and as necessary to provide any additional waterproofing benefits.
  • Finally, we spray apply a high-solids industrial grade silicone top coat to the existing metal roofing system for a monolithic, seamless waterproofing system that will NEVER require a recoating!

We provide a 10 year system warranty that includes both labor and material on nearly every job.
We also offer 15 or 20 year system warranties.
Sample warranties are available upon request.

Metal Roof Process

A metal roof in Florida that is only ten years old will have gone through at least 3,650 expansion and contraction cycles as they warm during the day and cool at night. That number could be far higher if you factor in midday rain showers that instantly cool the metal, only to expand again when the sun comes out.


Inspect and provide roof evaluation.


This is a crucial step where our team applies polyurethane foam to create a watertight, impermeable barrier with no gaps or leaks. Notice how the gap that was in the metal is now gone, buried under inches of polyfoam.


We carefully prepped the roof by individually treating every screwhead. Notice the existing roof vent that has leaked in the past.


After professionally preparing the surface, we sprayed polyurethane foam to completely encapsulate the roof vent along with silicone waterproofing to ensure no leaks or dampness. Finished!

Money Saving & Green Technology

SRM (Silicone Recovery Membrane) - 100% seamless waterproofing membrane UV protective and 89% reflective for extreme energy efficiency.

Spray Polyurethane Foam - Versatile for waterproofing and insulation

  • Qualifies for Category 5 wind warranty
  • Meets all 2010 Florida Building Code requirements

Learn more about SmartRoof™ Roofing Technology

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Nearly all of our jobs are covered by a Manufacturer's 10 Year Renewable Watertight Warranty. It's the best in the business and covers labor and materials for 10 years. FREE ROOF EVALUATION