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Your roof protects 100% of your assets.

It also accounts for a majority of your monthly utility expenses due to the heat load it creates on the building. Did you know that traditional roofing systems (modified bitumen, tar and gravel, metal panel systems, EPDM and other built up roof systems) account for more than 50% of the energy loss on your building! Consider the expense to continuously make repairs year to year on your aging roof system and the rising cost of energy each year and it just makes sense that there is a better solution to these problems other than replacing your entire roof!

Commercial Coating Pros has a solution to all of your commercial roofing needs. At Commercial Coating Pros, we specialize in a state-of-the-art, highly efficient roofing system that can either replace or refurbish any existing commercial roofing system at nearly 50% less cost! Our system benefits are many and include reducing your power use up to 20%, waterproofing your entire roof system with a seamless roofing system, qualifying you for cash rebates, insurance discounts and tax savings with the IRS. Finally, a roofing solution using state-of-the-art materials from leading manufacturers that puts profits back into your business and improves the value of your commercial building.

Commercial Coating Pros roofing solutions uses state-of-the-art materials from leading manufacturers.

Commercial Coating Pros offers two state-of-the-art roofing system options to make you more profitable and refurbish your roofing system:

SRM (Silicone Recovery Membrane):

A versatile, commercial grade and self-flashing silicone elastomeric membrane that is spray applied to any roof system. Silicone is the premier choice for all commercial applications. Once applied to the roof system, SRM provides energy management, waterproofing and longevity. SRM has no exclusions for warranty coverage and can be ordered in any color to match the customer needs. Unlike other elastomeric products such as acrylic or urethane based elastomeric, silicone is not affected by UV rays or environmental effects. Silicone is inert and will not degrade over time like acrylic or urethane. Therefore, you will never be required to "recoat" using an SRM system by Commercial Coating Pros.

Spray Polyurethane Foam:

A commercial grade waterproofing, closed-cell foam that is spray applied to any roofing system. The benefits of SPF are many and are ideal for both new and replacement roof systems. SPF is strong, flexible and durable. SPF is easily applied to any roofing system whether flat, pitched or that have other unusual slope configurations. SPF is seamless, self-flashing and monolithic so there is no need for fasteners, seams and joints. This eliminates leaks, lowers installation cost, reduces maintenance and improves building insulation. SPF has a very High R-value and generates energy savings as well as contributes to LEED and Energy Star Compliance.
Spray Polyurethane Foam for Any Roofing System

Going Green also Means Saving Green!

We understand that "going green" is the responsibility of every industry. We set the standard in the roofing industry by specializing in the application of "green" roofing technology.

SmartRoof™ Silicone Roof Coating

SmartRoof™ Silicone Roof Coating is extremely durable and energy efficient that creates a seamless protection.
Last longer... and saves money!

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